Fundamental Quantum Physics and Applications in Space

Location: Conference room in building K of the Budapest University of Technology (Organized by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics)

Location: Conference room in building K of the Budapest University of Technology

Organized by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics

Műegyetem rakpart 3., Budapest, H-1111

We regret to inform you that our conference has been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Five-day workshop at the heart of Europe

Our conference is organized in the context of, and is supported by, the COST Action "Quantum Technologies in Space" (QTSpace, CA15220).

It is targeted to the quantum physics community with an emphasis on experiments or missions with a necessity of a space environment or microgravity. The scientific talks will include topics such as atom optics, optical frequency references, opto-mechanics, matter wave interferometry and quantum entanglement. Each of these fields of research can benefit from a microgravity environment, as achieved in Earth-based microgravity platforms like drop towers, parabolic flights or sounding rockets or from a space environment, which offers additional benefits, such as improved microgravity conditions, increased times of undisturbed flight, unperturbed long range measurements or high relative velocities.

To cover the entire range from theoretic models and interesting phenomena to realized or planned experiments and finally implementation and application, speakers with backgrounds in theory, experimental research, and technological development will be invited. This allows to identify new exciting experiments, roadmaps towards implementation and deployment, technological needs and opportunities, as well as new collaborations and mission proposals. An integral part of these goals is the identification of (funding) possibilities and formation of promising partnerships.

Therefore, the conference targets the scientific community, space agencies, space industry, and funding agencies alike.

The conference will take place on the campus of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, close to the city center.

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we will be in a much larger room than we planned before. We very strongly plan to realise a usual conference with speakers and attendees present. However, in the very worst case, we will make an online conference. Thus, there will be an official event independent of the circumstances concerning the coronavirus.

Important dates

  • The registration closes on the 20th of January.
  • The notification of the acceptance is until the 1st of February.
The agenda of this meeting is empty