Particle physics / Részecskefizika

High-resolution radio imaging of a gamma-ray blazar candidate using very-long-baseline interferometry

by Antal Gémes (Trinity College, University of Cambridge [now at Wigner RCP])




Zoom meeting:

Active galactic nuclei are the most luminous persistent objects in the Universe. They are bright in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Blazars are a special class where the jets point nearly to our line of sight. Because of this special geometry and the bulk relativistic motion of the plasma in the jet, their radiation is enhanced by relativistic beaming. The majority of extragalactic objects detected in gamma-rays are blazars. However, finding their counterparts in other wavebands could be challenging. Very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI) measurements provide the ultimate tool to confirm the blazar nature of a radiosource by imaging compact radio jet structure with Doppler-boosted radioemission, and give the most accurate celestial coordinates as well.