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CETS2015 9th Central European Training School on Neutron Techniques (1/5)

21/B Conference Room (KFKI Campus)

21/B Conference Room

KFKI Campus

1121 Budapest Konkoly-Thege 29-33
CETS provides insight into neutron scattering techniques and their application for studies on structure and dynamics of condensed matter. Comprehensive experimental skills and guidance in result interpretation are going to be conveyed. The school will be a forum for the presentation and discussion of actual research works of young scientists. Since the restart of the refurbished Budapest Research Reactor in 1992 international meetings are regularly organised in order to promote the national and Central European regional user activity, to contribute to instrument development as well as to facilitate the access of new users. Using the experimental stations, training of students and newcomers to the field is also regularly held for Hungarian university groups. Since 1999 a yearly joint Austrian-Hungarian training course used to be organised as well. Since February 2000 the new cold neutron research facility is in operation, a liquid hydrogen cold source and the adjoining supermirror neutron guides provide excellent research opportunities on six experimental stations located in the neutron guide hall and the reactor hall. Therefore, the regular Austrian-Hungarian training course was extended, and we offer the possibilities of the cold neutron instruments for a hands-on-training for the European user community.
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