Chiral spin symmetry and the QCD phase diagram

May 16, 2022, 9:10 AM


Prof. Leonid Glozman (University of Graz)


Above the chiral restoration crossover at T ~ 150 MeV the QCD effective action is approximately chiral spin symmetric. It is a symmetry of the color charge in QCD as well as of the chromoelectric interaction. This symmetry is larger than the chiral symmetry of Dirac Lagrangian. This symmetry implies that degrees of freedom are chirally symmetric quarks connected by electric strings into color singlet hadron-like objects. This regime is referred to as stringy fluid. At T ~500 MeV this symmetry disappears and a very smooth transition to partonic degrees of freedom (QGP) is observed. The chiral spin symmetric regime continues as a band across the QCD phase diagram and terminates on the chemical potential axis.

Primary author

Prof. Leonid Glozman (University of Graz)

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