Sep 21 – 23, 2023
Central European University, CEU Nador 15 Campus (Budapest, Hungary)
Europe/Budapest timezone



21 to 23 September, 2023

Payment of conference fee: 200 EUR


CEU Nador 15 Campus

15 Nádor utca, Budapest, Hungary


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By 2023 Reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) modelling, a method for modelling structural disorder in liquids, amorphous and crystalline solids,  has been around for 35 years. The first international meeting dedicated to RMC was organised by Robert McGreevy and was held in Studsvik (Sweden) in 1994. In October 2003, we met in Budapest to hold the 2nd RMC Conference. It was there where the participants agreed to hold such meetings every third year. According to this plan, the 3rd RMC and 4th meetings were held in Hotel Normafa, Budapest (Hungary) late September in 2006 and early October, 2009, respectively. As the attendees would remember, the meeting in 2012 had to be transferred in the last minute to another venue within Budapest, Holiday Beach Wellness Hotel, where also our last two meetings, RMC-6 and RMC-7 were held in 2015 and 2018.


Just before COVID hit us all, it had been possible to conduct an international meeting on RMC in Kumamoto (Japan) in February 2020: it was the '1st Pan-Pacific Reverse Monte Carlo Conference' -- this event is the '(+1)' indicated in the event title.

As three years has passed since the last RMC meeting, and also, the COVID-situation seems to be advantageous these days, we think it's high time to hold the next international conference on (all the diverse aspects of) Reverse Monte Carlo modelling. 

Topics to be covered: anything related to RMC (even remotely). 

  • Structure of liquids and amorphous materials;
  • Interpretation of powder diffraction data for crystals;
  • Software development: new computer codes (RMC, EPSR, PFGui, etc...);
  • Related methods: we plan to hold sessions dedicated to EPSR and PDFGui (other suggestions also welcome);
  • Extending the applications of RMC: modelling small angle scattering, reflectometry, inelastic scattering, EXAFS, NMR, etc...
  • Etc... 


Conference fee -- set to 200 EUR

We are sorry to announce that for covering the steeply rising costs (of everything, especially in downtown Budapest...), we have to collect a conference fee this year.


We seem to have reached an agreement with the verious service providers.  The conference fee will be 200 EUR. It will cover the rental of the conference room and coffee breaks.


We kindly ask to pay the conference fee by bank transfer. We apologise for that we are not able to deal with card payments. Details concerning payments (account number, etc...) will be available soon. Our institute, the Wigner Research Centre, will send a 'pro-forma' invoice to each registered participant, so that you can proceed with the actual money transfer the way it is most convenient for you.

Deadline: 31 July 2023.


As indicated above, instead of a 'conference hotel', the 2023 event will take place in a proper conference room, in downtown Budapest. 

We kindly ask participants to organise for their own accomodations -- there should be no problem to find one via the usual channels (, etc...).

We are, of course, happy to provide help in finding a place to stay.


Previous conferences

7(+1)the RMC meeting in 2020 (a.k.a. the '1st PanPacific Reverse Monte Carlo Conference')

7th RMC Conference in 2018 

6th RMC Conference in 2015; for the corresponding Special Issue, please visit the webpages of  Physica Scripta

5th RMC Conference in 2012; for the corresponding Special Issue, please visit the webpages of JPCM

4th RMC Conference in 2009; for the corresponding Special Issue, please visit the webpages of JPCM 

3rd RMC Conference in 2006; for the corresponding Special Issue, please visit the webpages of JPCM

2nd RMC Conference in 2003; for the corresponding Special Issue, please visit the webpages of JPCM 




Central European University, CEU Nador 15 Campus (Budapest, Hungary)
room 103
H-1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 9. (Hungary)
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