15-20 August 2010
Hotel Normafa
Europe/Budapest timezone

Scientific Programme

The quest for the Quark Gluon Plasma, QGP has been started decades ago. Now we are at a turning point where three large facilities at BNL, CERN, and GSI start to investigate the properties of this extreme form of matter. We organize Hot and Cold Baryonic Matter 2010, to bring together high energy nuclear physicists from all over the world. We dedicate this international workshop in particular to the upcoming particle accelerator facility, FAIR which is under construction at GSI, Germany. In parallel we welcome overview talks on the latest data from other experimental collaborations.
  • Cold Baryonic Matter

  • Critical Point and Orders of Phase Transition

  • Facilities and Experiments

  • Experiments and Theories

  • Statistical Approaches

  • Non-extensive Phenomena

  • Hydro and Transport Models I.

  • Hydro and Transport Models II.

  • Lattice Models