Finite volume effects on the QCD phase diagram

May 16, 2022, 11:50 AM


Győző Kovács (Wigner RCP)


Contrary to the field theoretical calculations in the thermodynamic limit where the volume is assumed to be infinitely large, the heavy-ion collisions always carry the effects of the finite size. For a sufficiently small system, the volume is expected to affect the thermodynamical quantities and the phase diagram of the strongly interacting matter. To study these effects one can take into account the finite spatial extent of the system within the framework of an effective model, too, via the restriction of the momentum integrals using discretization or in a simplified case using a low momentum cutoff. It is found in several models that there is a remarkable change in the thermodynamics and the phase transition, especially in the location of the critical endpoint and the tricritical point in the chiral limit. As the linear size reaches a few fermis the first-order phase transition at high chemical potential and therefore the CEP disappears.

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