Nonextensive statistics and multipatricle production processes

May 16, 2022, 4:10 PM


Prof. Maciej Rybczyński (Jan Kochanowski University)


The ubiquitous presence of quasi-power law functions
in multiparticle production processes are discussed
from the perspective of nonextensive Tsallis distributions.
Special emphasis is placed on the conjecture that this
reflects the presence in the produced hadronic systems
of some intrinsic fluctuations.
In particular we analyze a connection between energy
and multiplicity distributions in a statistical framework.
We show that energy conservation constraints may lead
to the quasi-power law distributions for energy with an exponent
depending on multiplicity distribution. We demonstrate that energy
distributions are connected with multiplicity distributions
by their generating functions.
We also discuss the relaxation time approximation (RTA)
which is a well known method of describing the time evolution
of a statistical ensemble by linking distributions of the variables
of interest at different stages of their temporal evolution.
We show that if all the distributions occurring in the RTA have
the same functional form of a quasi-power Tsallis distribution
the time evolution of which depends on the time evolution
of its control parameter, nonextensivity q(t), then it is more
convenient to consider only the time evolution of this control

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