Multiphoton processes in the field of a ‘pedestal’

May 17, 2022, 11:00 AM


Dr Sándor Varró (Wigner RCP)


The high-intensity light pulses used in mutiphoton experiments come from amplifiers,
and these pulses contain quite strong (unwanted) ‘pre-pulses’, or ‘pedestals’. The main source of
the pedestal is said to be the amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) of the amplifying medium.
Since the photon statistics of the ASE is differe nt from that of the main pulse, the study of
multiphoton processes taking place in a pedestal may be interesting, both in theory and in
experiments. Recently we have worked out a general quantum optical theory of multiphoton
processes [1, 2], on the basis of which, we shall deal with the possible role of photon statistics in
electron excitation, scattering and high-harmonic generation in the field of a ‘pedestal’.
[1] Varró S, Quantum optical aspects of high-harmonic generation. Photonics 8, 269 (2021)
[ ].
[2] Varró S, Coherent and incoherent superposition of transition matrix elements of the squeezing
operator. Journal of Physics Conf. Ser. (2022). E-print: arXiv: 2112.08430 [quant-ph]

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