Approximate solutions to the kinetic equation describing electron hole plasma formation in graphene in strong external fields

May 18, 2022, 11:50 AM


Biplab Mahato (University of Wroclaw)


In the presence of an external electric field, electron-hole
pairs are amply created near the Dirac points in graphene. Due to the ef-
fective coupling constant being more than unity (2.2 for pristine graphene)
perturbative techniques are futile in describing the phenomenon. We
present a non-perturbative kinetic equation approach to describe the
creation of an electron-hole plasma in a strong external field by a set of
integro-differential equations for the distribution function of the charge
carriers. In this presentation, an approximate solution to these kinetic
equations will be discussed. The low-density approximation and the in-
troduction of effective mass provide simple methods that are effective
for a wide range of external field models. Comparing with the exact so-
lution, the domain is identified where the approximations are effectively

Primary author

Biplab Mahato (University of Wroclaw)

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