Nuclear matter parameters form maximal mass compact stars

May 16, 2022, 12:10 PM


Balázs Endre Szigeti (MTA Wigner FK)


Recent observation data of pulsar masses led us to estimate nuclear parameters, however. we introduced the maximal-mass compact star scenario and took into account data satisfying these criteria. We tested our method, applying the parity doublet model in the mean-field approximation at the finite chemical potential at zero temperature to investigate the recent observation data of pulsar masses. We assumed that these pulsars are maximal mass neutron stars, due to this reason we can apply the core approximation can be applied. The free parameters of this model are fitted based on the nuclear saturation data, except for the Landau mass and the compressibility. We used the observation data to determine the optimal Landau mass, and used the value to determine the nuclear compressibility respectively.

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