Jun 2 – 3, 2016
Building 18
Europe/Budapest timezone


The 6th in the conference series organized by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is dedicated to the field of many-core computing in scientific and industrial applications.


The conference is FREE to attend, but registration is mandatory!
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Book of Abstracts is available HERE.

Preliminary schedule is available HERE.


  • Current status and near-future of many-core hardware and software
  • Many-core computing in physics and other fields of science
  • Medical applications of parallel technologies
  • Machine Learning, neural networks, feature recognition
  • Image processing, computer vision and reconstruction
  • Industrial applications of many-core computing
  • Many-core computing in education
  • Mobile and embedded parallel computing in science
  • Emerging accelerator platforms

Confirmed key presenters:

  • Lukasz Migas - AMD
    Vulkan Fast Paths

  • Dmitry Kozlov - AMD
    Radeon Open Compute stack overview

  • Maria Rovatsou - CODEPLAY
    SYCL  building blocks for C++ libraries

Special Talks by:

  • Dr. Michał Bejger - Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw
    Polgraw-allsky: GPU-accelerated all-sky blind search for periodic gravitational waves
  • Attila Barsi - Holografika Ltd.
    Multi everything: parallelism in all shapes and sizes in HoloVizio lightfield display systems
  • Dr. Zsolt Balogh - Mediso Ltd.
    Ring artifact removal method using GPU-based FDK reconstruction for cone beam CT
  • Zoltán Lehóczky - Lombiq Technologies Ltd.
    Turning software into hardware – Hastlayer
  • Dr-Ing. Gernot Ziegler - Geofront e.U.
    Line Segment Maps: Fast and Deterministic Line Detection on the GPU
  • Árpád Takács - AdasWorks Ltd.
    AdasWorks: artificial intelligence for self-driving cars

Contributed Talks:


NIIF HPC for research and education accelerated with GPUs
Zoltán Kiss (National Information Infrastructure Development Institute)

Parallel evaluation of general vector-arithmetic trees
András Leitereg (Eötvös University)

Simulation of Surface Growth on GPU supercomputers
Jeffrey Kelling (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf),
Géza Ódor (Centre of Energy Research, Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science) 

A GPU cluster optimized multigrid scheme for computing unsteady incompressible fluid flow
György Tegze (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics)

HIJING++, OOP concepts and simple parallelization
Szilveszter Harangozó (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics)

Applications of GPU-accelerated deep neural networks to analyze galaxy spectra
László Dobos (Eötvös University, Department of Physics of Complex Systems) 

Light curve modeling of eclipsing binary stars
Gábor Marschalkó (Szeged University, Baja Observatory)

Fast determination of some orbital elements of eclipsing binary stars on GPU
János Sztakovics (Eötvös University)

Eclipse Timing Variation analysis of binary stars with CUDA
Tamás Hajdu (Eötvös University)

The PYCBC package and its use in the search of the Gravitational waves detection, its application in GPUs
Balázs Kacskovics, László Somlai (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics)

Hierarchical Volumetric Fusion of Depth Images
Milán Magdics (Budapest University of Technology and Economics,
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology)

Photorealistic 3D CT visualization supported by HPC GPU and CPU coprocessors
László Kovács (University of Debrecen, Faculty of Informatics)

A high-throughput stream-oriented GPU environment for simultaneous processing and visualization of EEG measurements
Zoltán Juhász
(University of Pannonia, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems)


  • Abstract submission: 2016 April 22. now extended until April 29!
  • Decision on accepted presentations: 2016 May 9.
  • Registration deadline: 2016 May 29.

Please send your abstracts and questions to:

{berenyi} . {daniel} {at} {wigner} . {mta} . {hu}

Dániel BERÉNYI (Wigner RCP)
Máté Ferenc NAGY-EGRI (Wigner RCP)
Gergely Gábor BARNAFÖLDI (Wigner RCP)

Building 18
Meeting room
29-33, Konkoly-Thege Miklos u, 1121 - Budapest, Hungary