Oct 10 – 11, 2018
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Europe/Budapest timezone
Organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Chairmen: Sándor Varró, Michael Bonitz and Benedek Láng

The “Planck 2018 Memorial Scientific Symposium” is organized on the occasion of Max Planck’s 160th birthday and of the 100th anniversary of his receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics. The elementary quantum of action h discovered by Planck in the year 1900 plays a fundamental role not only in physics (from microphysics to cosmological physics), but in other natural sciences (like chemistry or biology) and modern technologies (like microelectronics), as well as in our everyday life. Max Planck was elected to a honorary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and this is an other reason for why the Joint Committee of the History of Science and Technology celebrates the Great Master on this outstanding occasion.

At this two-days memorial scientific symposium there will be 45 minutes plenary talks on each day. Besides emphasizing historical aspects and the broad spectrum of Max Planck’s contribution to physics, the alltogether eleven talks to be delivered by leading experts, are also ment to reflect the present challenges for human knowledge concerning the scientific description of nature.

Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Széchenyi Square 9, Budapest, Hungary


BÍRÓ, Tamás (Hungary)

BONITZ, Michael (Germany)

CSABAI, István (Hungary)

DOMOKOS, Péter (Hungary)

E. SZABÓ, László (Hungary)

GARAB, Győző (Hungary)

de GOSSON, Maurice (Austria)

JAKOVÁC, Antal (Hungary)

SZEGEDI, Péter (Hungary)

VÁN, Péter (Hungary)

VARRÓ, Sándor (Hungary)

Local Organizers

Ádám, Péter

Donkó, Zoltán

Hartmann, Péter

Kiss, Tamás

Varró, Sándor

[Wigner Research Centre for Physics,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences]


Láng, Benedek

[Department of Philosophy and
History of Science, Budapest
University of Technology and Economics]

Registration for this event is currently open.