Jun 20 – 21, 2022
Hotel Mercure Budapest Castle Hill
Europe/Budapest timezone

Preliminary results of the tuned HIJING++ heavy-ion event generator

Jun 20, 2022, 4:40 PM
Hotel Mercure Budapest Castle Hill

Hotel Mercure Budapest Castle Hill

1013 Budapest, Krisztina Körút 41-43


Balazs Majoros (Wigner FK)


Monte Carlo event generators became one of the most important tools of modern high-energy physics. They are widely used in the high-energy community to simulate particle collisions, make predictions, and to design experiments.
The HIJING++ (Heavy Ion Jet INteraction Generator) is the successor of the 30 year old Fortran HIJING, completely rewritten in C++, providing multi-thread processing and various new modular features. In order to have meaningful data from HIJING++ however, it had to be tuned to reproduce existing experimental data correctly. An important and resource-consuming phase of the development is the tuning of the internal parameters to reproduce the existing experimental data. These parameters cannot be determined by direct methods of calculation, therefore to get the desired, optimal generator responses we have to run the generator in every value combinations of these parameters . This is the most computationally heavy part in the development of the generator. After several months of CPU time and hundreds of terabytes of generated data we settled down on the internal parameters of the HIJING++.
In this talk I want to highlight the process that was used to tune the HIJING++ and show the results of this process. The current state of HIJING++ can reliably reproduce experimental particle collision data, in various collision systems and energies.

Primary author

Balazs Majoros (Wigner FK)

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