Jun 17 – 21, 2019
Europe/Budapest timezone

On efforts to improve dynamics of a classical particle in an external EM field

Jun 20, 2019, 11:20 AM


Martin Formanek (University of Arizona)


The trajectory of both charged and neutral particles is determined by the influence of external EM fields. The interaction is either direct through the Lorentz force which dominates the dynamics of charged particles or indirect through higher order EM moments. For example, particles with a magnetic dipole moment are under the influence of a Stern-Gerlach-like force and similar interaction arises for particles possessing an electric dipole moment. In our recent work we addressed spin dynamics and motion of classical particles subjected to intense laser fields. Another opportunity for improving the standard Lorentz force dynamics arises from incorporating the effect of the radiative fields of the particle itself. Although this has been intensively studied in the past, we still don’t have a consistent formulation which would connect Maxwell equations with the particle dynamics. Our approach is to investigate the decomposition of the mass of the particle into a bare mass and a field component using a classical limit of a model interaction between a scalar field and an EM field.

Primary authors

Martin Formanek (University of Arizona) Andrew Steinmetz (University of Arizona) Johann Rafelski (University of Arizona)

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