GPU Day 2015 - The Future of Many-Core Computing in Science

Meeting room (Building 18)

Meeting room

Building 18

29-33, Konkoly-Thege Miklos u, 1121 - Budapest, Hungary

5th GPU WORKSHOP - THE FUTURE OF MANY-CORE COMPUTING IN SCIENCE The conference series organized by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is dedicated to the field of many-core computing in scientific and industrial applications.



  • current status and near-future of many-core hardware and software
  • many-core computing in physics and other fields of science
  • medical application, image processing, computer vision, reconstruction
  • industrial applications of many-core computing
  • many-core computing in education
  • mobile computing in science
  • student projects


  • NVIDIA Products Overview
  • GCN Architecture, HSA Platform Evolution and the AMD Developer Ecosystem
    Benjamin COQUELLE (AMD)
  • SYCL: An Abstraction Layer for Leveraging C++ and OpenCL
    Alastair MURRAY (CODEPLAY)
  • One Can Simply Walk Into Heterogeneous Parallelism


  • Methodology for Heterogeneous Programming on OpenCL and Its Applications
    Olga SUDAREVA (NIISI, Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Efficient Large Scale Simulation of Stochastic Lattice Models on GPUs
    Jeffrey KELLING (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)
  • GPU Computing at ELI-ALPS
    Sándor FARKAS (ELI Attosecond Light Pulse Source)


  • Comparison of GPUs and Embedded Vision Coprocessors for Automotive Computer Vision Applications
    Zoltán PROHÁSZKA (Kishonti Ltd.)
  • PERSEUS: Image and Video Compression in the Age of Massive Parallelism
    Balázs KESZTHELYI (V-NOVA Ltd.)
  • GPU-based Iterative Computed Tomography Reconstruction
    Zsolt BALOGH (MEDISO Ltd.)
  • Fisher Information-based Classification on GPUs
    András BENCZÚR (Institute for Computer Science and Control)
  • QCD on the lattice
    Ferenc PITTLER (Eötvös University)
  • A GPU-based program suite for numerical simulations of planetary system formation
    László DOBOS (Eötvös University)

  • Optimization possibilities of inhomogeneous cosmological simulations on massively parallel architectures
    László DOBOS (Eötvös University)

  • Semi-analytic modelling of galaxy spectra using GPUs
    Dezső Ribli (Eötvös University)

  • Hierarchical Bayesian Method with MCMC Integration on GPUs
    János Márk SZALAI-GINDL (Eötvös University)
  • GPUs in a Global Earth-based Space Weather Monitoring Network
    Dávid KORONCZAY (Eötvös University)
  • Pattern Generation for Retina Stimulation Experiments
    László SZÉCSI (IIT, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
  • Fast Patient-specific Blood Flow Modelling on GPUs
    Gábor ZÁVODSZKY (HDS, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
  • Efficient parallel generation of random p-bits for multispin MC simulation
    István BORSOS (Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science, Centre for Energy Research)
  • Accelerating the GEANT Particle Transport System with GPUs
    Gábor BÍRÓ (Eötvös University / Wigner RCP)
  • Gamma Ray Burst Prediction with GPUs
    Gergely DEBRECZENI (Wigner RCP)
  • Accelerated Monte-Carlo Particle Generators for the LHC
    Gergely Gábor BARNAFÖLDI (Wigner RCP)


Physics research using or relying on many-core (GPU/APU/MIC) or mobile platform computing solutions are welcome to be presented. Companies and industrial partners are welcome to give presentation and set up discussion panels. Students are encouraged to present their works on posters displayed during the whole duration of the conference.


  • Abstract submission: 2015 may 3
  • Decision on accepted presentations: 2015 may 5

    Please send your questions to:
    Dániel BERÉNYI
    {berenyi} . {daniel} {at} {wigner} . {mta} . {hu}

Gergely DEBRECZENI (Wigner RCP)
Máté Ferenc NAGY-EGRI (Wigner RCP)
Dániel BERÉNYI (Wigner RCP)
Gergely Gábor BARNAFÖLDI (Wigner RCP)

  • Alastair Murray
  • Aleksandra Chuchvara
  • Alexandru Voicu
  • Andras Benczur
  • Andrew Lowe
  • András Leitereg
  • Attila Ceffer
  • Attila Kunsági
  • Attila Szilágyi
  • Attila Ács
  • Balint Levente Mórász
  • Balázs Keszthelyi
  • Bence Bolgár
  • Bence Borbely
  • Benjamin Coquelle
  • Boldizsar Sipos
  • Csaba Hajdu
  • Csaba Hajdu
  • Csaba Hruska
  • Csaba Molnár
  • Csaba Máté Józsa
  • Csaba Török
  • David Koronczay
  • David Tverdota
  • Dezso Ribli
  • Dorina Gável
  • Dániel Berényi
  • Dániel Kánnár
  • Dávid Bartók
  • Edgar Timar
  • Emese Forgács-Dajka
  • Endre László
  • Ernő Dávid
  • Ferenc Pittler
  • Gabor Hornyak
  • Gergely Debreczeni
  • Gergely Horváth
  • Gernot Ziegler
  • Geza Odor
  • györgy Vesztergombi
  • Gábor Bíró
  • Gábor Cseh
  • Gábor Farkas
  • Gábor Kiss
  • Gábor Rőczei
  • Gábor Závodszky
  • István Borsos
  • Jeffrey Kelling
  • jozsef imrek
  • János Kubisch
  • János Márk Szalai-Gindl
  • János Zentai
  • Lajos Berenyi
  • Laszlo Dobos
  • Lukovics József
  • László Szécsi
  • Miklós Tegze
  • Márk Gerendás
  • Márton Zsenei
  • Mátyás Vasúth
  • Máté Ferenc Nagy-Egri
  • Nándor Gáspár
  • Olga Sudareva
  • Olivér Nieberl
  • Pal Barta
  • Paulo Augusto de Almeida Silva
  • Peruzzi Alex
  • Peter Balogh
  • Peter Hartmann
  • Peter Kovacs
  • Peter Mukli
  • Péter Demeter
  • Péter Diviánszky
  • Péter Szász
  • Reka Bozsakovics
  • Robert Paulik
  • Roland Lohner
  • Ruben Dario Pinzon
  • Róbert Dávid
  • Róbert Sipos
  • Sandor Farkas
  • Santanu Mondal
  • Soma Vargyas
  • Somodi Karoly Akos
  • Szilveszter Harangozó
  • Szilvia Kalácska
  • Sándor Bodó-Merle
  • Tamas Huszar
  • Tamas Maray
  • Tamás Györei
  • Tamás Mosoni
  • Tamás Pusztai
  • Valter Zoldhegyi
  • Vamsi Kiran Adhikarla
  • Viktor Ayadi
  • Viktor Kamarás
  • Viktor Tóth
  • Zoltan Kiss
  • Zoltan Minarik
  • Zoltan Nyakacska
  • Zoltan Prohaszka
  • Zoltán Cser
  • Zoltán Haindrich
  • Zoltán Hajnal
  • Zsolt Balogh
  • Ádám Botond
  • Áron Süli